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Gail the Goldfish



Or, the sixth time this year Mother Nature has decided to mess with the 21st century technologies where I was living. Also, the fourth freak weather incident I’ve been party to in the last two and a half months.

Most importantly, early nor’easters are no joke. My school has been without power since Saturday, which is why I haven’t been posting confessions, and for which I’m very sorry. Posting will resume tomorrow, since now that I have power I have to write and research the papers that I couldn’t do during the snowpocolypse.

Anonymous asked
I saw a confession on here which very explicitly states the correct spelling of Bartlet, and I was wondering if you could change the spellings on confessions (in the future, obviously not old ones) so that it's not spelt incorrectly? Because all the "Bartletts" are really frustrating. Sorry, this is probably rude/antsy/obsessive... but anyway, I don't mean to be, I was just wondering.

I appreciate your frustration. It also bothers me when character’s names are misspelled, but I post all confessions as I receive them. I don’t have the time to go through and edit all of the spelling and grammar mistakes, even the more egregious ones.